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Stocks Everything for Builders and DIY


Uymatiao Trading is by far the best stocked building, fitting and DIY business in Dumaguete. Although some of the prices are a bit higher, this company stocks very high quality goods. Large floorspace and an enormous warehouse contain the usual supplies (from 88gal drums to plywood, piping, bathroom fittings, tools, generators, paint, lighting and just about everything else). Anything not on hand can be ordered in at no extra cost making this a truly one stop shop for all building supplies.

CR Facilities:
  • Street
  • Off Street
Goods Available:
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Garden
  • Hardware
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Tools
Opening Hours:
9am to 5pm

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  • Anonym: lhorie 02/13/11 09:20
    good day! if u can answer i will appreciate are you selling a wheelchair too? i need it for my grandmon leaving in Dumaguete.
    • Anonym: jan 07/19/11 16:03
      hello there! u can buy wheelchair in Rose Pharmacy. I am sure u can have one. If they dont have stocks, I am sure they can order it for ur Grandma..
  • Anonym: Nole R. Torres 10/12/13 13:46

    Pls. send me ASAP the prizes of the following items: electric drill,plainer,grinder (skil, Mactec or Makita),Portable welding Machine (any brand) Waterproof flashlight (Toshiba)and Dive Mask (tusa).

  • Anonym: Olive Ramos 04/01/14 09:25
    Hello Guys, maayong adlaw dinha ninyo tanan.....manguta lang unta ko kong naa moy 9 inch Makita Angle Grinder With Diamond Blade for cutting concert to suit.... 18 Volts Hammer Drill and Impact Driver with 3 butteris?...ASAP...pls.Thanks guys.
  • Anonym: John 04/01/15 07:12
    I just called you from Germany enquiring about TORQ TS315 table saw. The father of my gf in Siquijor needs one urgently? How much and whether is on stock? Whatelse you have as table saw otherwise?
  • Anonym: Fritz 10/08/15 02:12
    Please give me the price list of your welding machines. Thank you.
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